The scoring system of WOKbits in WOK gets a shaking update

In March 2018 the WOKbits Scoring system has changed. Along with our success, we have learned from the vast amount of data and user behavior to make the app WikiMaster more fair and fun to use. The biggest change is the decreasing WOKbits (Wb) earned when you repeat the same question in a Wiki

During the history of WOK, we have used a scoring system that can be read about here. The wokers have enjoyed the apps for different reasons. Some wokers are primarily playing mainly to win challenges (and battles) while some are primarily using the app WikiMaster to learn and use the review question to toggle down and learn more. Some of the most prominent WOKers on the Scoreboard have taken a lot of questions in a wiki by repeat the same questions over and over again. The repeat moment is, of course, a great way to learn facts. Or get a lot of WOKbits. But at the same time, it gives a huge advantage to gain WOKbits and when new wokers enter the game by playing wokers who have repeated and know the questions by heart; they have a disadvantage.

So we have decided to change the scoring system when you repeat questions in the same article. The question can come up in a different wiki, in WikiFlip or in Quiz King with the chance of getting the full point as you would have got the first time, but in WikiMaster the second time you take q question the WOKbits is repeated by half. The third time, its reduced by a third. And so on. The WOKbits formula has the "number of taken times in a WIki" as a nominator. So playing a champion like Rangoprasad Bhat is now much easier in sense of winning in case you know the correct answer the first time if you play a challenge played with him when he repeated the questions for the 4th time. Even if he and others similar to him is quick in reply and are correct, he will only get 25% of the score in a Challenge due to the fact he is taken the same question for the fourth time. New wokers with knowledge of a subject will have a much better and fair chance to win based on the weight we now give on "the first time" answer. 

We have recalculated the old score system and hence the nr of WOKbits from leading WOKers has been reduced. The Nigeria WikiMaster Contest in Nigeria in February was a typical example of how the WOKbits system was tested on a contest level. The same article was used until winning and its nothing wrong with that, but we have learned from this and consequently changed the scoring system to the better to prevent repeat behavior in the future and encourage more learning and less clicking for WOKbits. Everyone is a winner in this change. 

So if you wonder why you suddenly beat Rangaprasad Bhat while never done so before: now you have the explanation. Happy playing!  

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