WOKer of the Year 2016 Award to Dr. Rangaprasad Bhat

The first year of WOKcraft launch of the app WOKwiki has been a great success. Over 125000 downloads was made and the WOKers have been active in the 14 countries where the app has been opened. Over 1.2 million questions was answered in the community and 330000 questions was allocated and indexed by the community with tags into all relevant Wikipedia articles. More than 56000 of the questions was illustrated by a image from Wikimedia Commons. 

WOK Rangoprasad Bhat 160401
The WOKers have played 94,772 challenges during 2016.
The WOKers have created 39,782 new tags during 2016.
The WOKers have added 260,872 tags during 2016.
The WOKers have taken 85,569 Quizzes during 2016.
The WOKers have flipped 6,152 times during 2016.
The WOKers have signup 55,821 times during 2016.

One person have stand out so much that some believe he is a bot (!) The WikiMaster Dr. Rangaprasad Bhat is not only the WikiMaster in most articles. He have passed the Kjell Kod account used by the team behind WOK in WOKbits overall during 2016 to become WOKmaster overall. An astonishing achievment we never thought in outr mind would be possible! 
With over 96000 correct questions out of 148000 taken in 11 months no person in the community of WOK come near Dr Bhat to become the WOKer of the Year in 2016. 
We say the warmest "Concrafts" from the WOK Advisary Board ! Well done Dr Bhat and best of luck in 2017! 

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