WOKcraft and WOK - World of Knowledge - How it works

WOK is a social network for multiple choice questions based on the fact we have over 400000 multiple choice questions and growing by the day in many languages.

By taking quizzes or by creating questions and put them into quizzes- World of Knowledge is the Knowledge Learning Network. If you want to check you know things: you wok it.

WOK could also be called Wikipedia 2.0. Why? When WOKers take and create multiple choice questions and put them into quizzes, they also tag the questions into subjects. The questions tagged will be visible to all Wikipedia articles so people in the world can learn and check they actually learned by taking a quiz in the app WikiMaster Quiz King and in the app WikiFlip. As time goes by WOK is now turn ing into Wikipedia 2.0 since the collaborative power of all WOKers will over time have added a layer above Wikipedia by making all multiple choice questions. Currently, (by March 2018) all WOKers have jointly gathered and created nearly 380000 questions in English and over 20000 in Arabic. More languages are currently on the way into WOK ecosystem for quizzes. So we call World of Knowledge Wikipedia 2.0 based on the fact that WOK adds all questions to Wikipedia articles by tags. 

Since WOKers in the WOK community creates questions, a lot of time other WOKers will check the facts and just like Wikipedia correct questions that for some reason are incorrect. By the time the questions will be of higher and higher quality and reach critical mass to be a system you can use in any form to be able to check you have learned any subject in the world.

Our vision at WOKcraft is to create the revolutionary learning tool the world has been missing and be the natural focal point for all learning on the web just as LinkedIn is for cv, Youtube for video, Facebook for friends and Skype for call and chat. We are passionate about learning and curiosity about the facts in the world. Welcome to join WOKcraft! It's free!


So how does WOKbits work?

You earn WOKbits in WOK. Simple. Same WOKbits in all apps. Same Scoreboard.
In Quiz King and WOKwiki or any other future apps and application on Android, Facebook, iOS or web. You will see your WOKbits in any part of World of Knowledge Ecosystem. In Scoreboard or in Profile. 
Some people will love to play Quiz King and enjoy winning quiz battles over friends. Some will enjoy helping WOK project forward by adding questions and edit the content to be as good and relevant it can be, just like the editors and content providers of Wikipedia. But contrary to Wikipedia: You will in WOk see who are the contributors. (If they prefer not to be anonymous in Settings). All will have WOKbits as the results of the efforts in learning, editing and enjoy the World of Knowledge as WOKers. Because we WOKers love the knowledge. And crave for facts. And like to know the power of knowing things! 

WOKbits in WikiMaster.

  • One question (Q) answered correct = ((15/Answering time) *10= XX WOKbits (Wb)) / Times taken in the Wiki).
    Ex 1: Answering time= 3.2 sec= ((15/3.2)*10*1)/1=47 WOKbits (Wb) on a Question taken for the first time.
    Ex 2. If the question is taken for the third time : Answering time= 3.2 sec= ((15/3.2)*10*1)/3=47 WOKbits (Wb)/3 = 16 Wb
    Ex 3: Answering time= 2.0 sec the 2nd time = ((15/2.0)*10*2(/2=150 WOKbits (Wb)/2=75 Wb.
  • Limit set to 200Wb maximum.
  • If you click lightning fast to often without thinking and reading, your score will be affected to. (hidden how) 
  • One question (Q) created = 200 WOKbits (Wb)
  • One question (Q) put in a Quiz (Qz) (minimum 3 Questions) = 200 WOKbits (Wb)/ Question (= minimum 7*200= 1400 Wb)
  • One created question answered by other WOKers right or wrong, not timed out= 10 WOKbits (Wb)
  • One tag added to a question = 5 WOKbits

WOKbits in Quiz King with bet factor

  • One question (Q) answered correct = (15/Answering time) *10 *bet-factor= XX WOKbits (Wb).
  • Ex1: Answering time= 3.2 sec, (no bet on 2x,3x,4x)= (15/3.2)*10*1=47 WOKbits (Wb). Ex 2: Answering time= 2.0 sec correct and a bet on 2x= (15/2.0)*10*2=150 WOKbits (Wb). Ex 3. Ex 2: Answering time= 2.0 sec incorrect and a bet on 2x= (15/2.0)*10*-2=-150 WOKbits (Wb)
  • All four questions correct in a round= 100 extra WOKbits (Wb)
  • One question (Q) created = 200 WOKbits (Wb)
  • Win a Quiz King battle = +250 WOKbits (Wb)
  • Loose a Quiz King battle = 0 WOKbits (Wb)
  • One tag / keyword add to a question = 5 WOKbits (Wb)
  • One learning link added to a question = 10 WOKbits (Wb)

What are the current WOK products and apps?

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