App WikiMaster launch in order to change Wikipedia into a social game

The WikiMaster app from WOK upgrades the encyclopedia Wikipedia by adding quiz on all Wikipedia articles. The app has now been released in Google Play in the World after been successfully released earlier in selected countries. 

The app has been on a success for a year under a former name and is now relaunched as WikiMaster. 
- We are proud to have made all necessary steps and development to be able to launch WikiMaster globally as the keystone for the Knowledge Network WOK. 
WOK is short for World of Knowledge and this implies access in all the corners of the World for the mobile app that makes an upgrade of Wikipedia by adding fun on top of it.
WikiMaster will change the way we use Wikipedia just as Wikipedia changed the way we used the Internet. This is our conviction, passion, and mission, comment the founder of WOK Erik Bolinder.

WikiMaster is a free app and has no ads. Its based on the joint effort from the community of users, called the wokers, to create the multiple choice questions and relate them to Wikipedia articles. Already over 400000 questions are available in six languages. 
WOK have also prepared for an API that Wikipedia community could use as a plugin for Wikipedia in order for the half billion users that use Wikipedia every month to have access to the quizzes from WOK.
The app have recieved 4.4 in reviews in Google Play. App is also availible for iOS devices.