New app WOKwiki turn Wikipedia into a Game ahead of the 15th Anniversary

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WOKwiki app turns Wikipedia into a quiz game so you can play with your friends in all articles.

WOKwiki, a new app for iOS and Android will release on January 6, 2016 in Australia and New Zealand. It aim to revolutionize Wikipedia by making it to a social quiz game ahead of the 15th Anniversary of the global online encyclopedia.

WOKwiki is a Wikipedia app with a new added layer of quizzes to each wikiarticle, thus turning Wikipedia into a game. Any WOKer can take a quiz alone or challenge a friend. Making learning fun and simple.

WOK is short for World of Knowledge and just as Wikipedia is made by the sophisticated contributions of volunteers creating and editing articles, the multiple choice questions in WOK are made by the WOKers. Already by launch, over 268,000 English questions are in the database, tagged by keywords making all questions related to the relevant Wikipedia article.

WOKwiki is a totally FREE app for anyone to download in the iTunes App Store or from Google Play and just like Wikipedia contains no ads.

-By adding quizzes to all of Wikipedia’s articles, we think we have added a new knowledge dimension to Wikipedia that we believe will greatly benefit learning of all levels, from trivia players aswell from any student in preschool up to University. We strongly believe the WOKwiki app will make the Wikipedia experience a lot more fun and encourage continued learning. Everything great with Wikipedia is already there, we just added something we believe will make it even more popular and turn Wikipedia lovers into WOKers”, says Erik Bolinder founder of WOKcraft Inc, based in California, USA.

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