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Wikimania is a global conference for Wikipedia. Every year a new city hosts this event where all the Wikimedians from the World gather to meet up and discuss the development of the encyclopedia. The Founder of World of Knowledge Project Mr. Erik Bolinder has attended four (4) Wikimania. In 2016 in Italy by the small village of Esimo Laurio by the Como Lake. In 2017 in Montreal and in 2018 in Cape Town. This year the event of Wikimania took place at Stockholm University, the University that Erik Bolinder graduated in 1992. It was a Wikimania in the Home Town of the Bolinder Family living here for seven generations. The great Community of Wikipedia was experiencing Stockholm at its best. Here are some images and videos from the Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm. 


Wikimania2019 IMG 7943
Mohammed Mossad is an experienced Wikimedian. He has created over 100000 articles in the Arabic part of Wikipedia. Here he is on a city tour at S√∂dermalm together with his friend Erik Bolinder, founder of the WOK project. 

Wikimania2019 IMG 7962
Erik Bolinder with old Wikipedia friends from Egypt. Walaa Abdel Manaheem at the right. 

Wikimania2019 IMG 7988 
The education challenges from one angle explained. Slowly but form the Wikipedia Community are catching up on the issues that school faces. 

Wikimania2019 IMG 7970
All speeches were sent online live on YouTube for the Wikipedia community members that could not join. This was done for the first time thanks to the team around Jan Aiili, a Swedish Wikipedian that is well known around among Wikimedians.

 Wikimania2019 IMG 7976
The discussion about the future of Wikipedia is intense. Among the Community little to none of the debate is focused on fun, gamification and social media, WikiMaster and the WOK project do not fit into the minds of many Wikimedians since the idea is too disruptive, but the acceptance is growing fast. A majority is advocating the idea of supporting the WOK project. 

The Aula Magna is magnificent at the Stockholm University and a perfect place to host Wikimania 2019.

Wikimania2019 IMG 8091
Banks Baker is from Google. Google supports Wikipedia in many ways. "As Google sees it, just send a check is not the optimal way of doing things. We support Wikipedia in many ways through our data mining and can display weaknesses in some facts that need to be addressed. When we support the Wikipedia Foundation by our efforts and brains, and the difference is huge". 

 Wikimania2019 IMG 8130
The final night at the Nordiska Museum and the team from Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda are ready to celebrate beneath Gustav Vasa! 

 Wikimania2019 CityHall groupphoto 190818
Group photo at the City Hall Reception. 

Wikimania2019 Sustainable Goals KM 190816 
Katherine Mayer, CEO of the Wikipedia Foundation explains the UN Sustainability Goals in perspective for the movement on Wikimania 2019

Magnus Manske, a well known Wikimedian explains the WikiData from the perspective of his work at the genome project in Cambridge (7 min, English) 

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