WikiMaster Communities are forming around the World

WikiMaster Communities are forming around the World to encourage quiz and local content based questions to national exams and to gather to enjoy the WikiMaster app. 

WikiMaster app is the core of the Knowledge Network WOK. It is a Wikipedia app that currently has the highest ranking in Google Play in reviews among Wikipedia apps. The WOK Community is a sibling Community with Wikipedia and works hand in hand to enhance the academic use of Wikipedia by adding, multiple choice questions, tests, Exams and quizzes to the articles. In this effort, enthusiastic wokers (users of WOK) are gathering together to enjoy the power of many in creating valuable content of MCQs in the Wikipedia spirit. Here are a few of them in the making. If you feel you would like to be a part of this movement: Please keep in touch and send us a mail at 

WikiMaster Nigeria Community Group 

WM Nigeria community 180805

Nigeria is one of the most active groups that have started and have held a WikiMaster Conference, WikiMaster Contest and a follow-up Quiz-a-thon during 2018. 
This commitment to bring another dimension to the Wikipedia by adding related content for the Nigeria Students and bringing national exams like JAMB (West Africa) will bring a great boost to the Wikipedia User Group in Nigeria. 
The Community is working to have more gatherings with WikiFlip and WikiMaster app in the near future independent and together with Wikipedia User Group Nigeria. 
Contact: Ayokanmi Oyeyemi 

WM 10 female wokers WikiMaster Nigeria Lagos 180706
WikiMaster Community Gatherings are great fun!

WikiMaster Ghana Community

WM Ghana community 180806b

Ghana is the main target and Nr 1 focus point for WOK Communities in West Africa after the success in establishing a vivid Community in Nigeria. We hope to host our first event in the fall of 2018. 

Contact: Joy Agyepong/ Felix Nartey

WikiMaster Senegal Community

WM Senegal community 180807

In Senegal, we have had over 100000 downloads for WikiFlip only and this French-speaking country will hopefully soon have a WOK Community that will bring more questions in French. We have a group of Wokers that has created over 4200 questions in French but no gatherings such as quiz-a-thons have been taken place. 
Contact  Abdoul Khadre Diallo

WikiMaster Russia Community

WM russia community 180807

Actively forming currently. In Russian. Please contact: Farhad Fatkulin 

WikiMaster Ukraina Community

WM Ukraine community 180805

Ukraine is in the making of translating the app menus as well as translating and creating Ukraine questions. Actively forming currently.  
Contact: Bohdan Melnychuk

WikiMaster Egypt Community

WM AR Egypt community 180805 

The Egypt Community is the most active of all Communities. Every Thursday this group of editors gather in WOK Main Office in Mohandeseen, Cairo close to the Shooting Club and create Arabic Questions (MCQs) and quizzes. Today over 38000 (!) questions are created in WOK in Arabic and over 15000 of them have been created since June 2018 in and between Egypt Community Meetings. We are working to host a University based gathering with Wikipedia in Cairo to host the first Arabic WOK Event. 
Contact: Sherif Sayed 

WikiMaster Algeria Community

WM AR Algeria community 180805

in Algeria over 170000 wokers have downloaded the app WikiMaster. We hope soon to gather a community with meetings and quiz-a-thon to strengthen the Algeria Content in French, Arabic, and English. Algeria is the country with the strongest WikiMaster activity in the MENA region together with Egypt. 
We are currently seeking a group to start this Community activity in collaboration with Algeria Wikipedia User Group. 
Contact; To be announced soon.

WikiMaster Tunisia Community

WM AR Tunisia community 180806
Contact; To be announced soon. 

WikiMaster Uganda

WM Uganda community 180801g

Uganda is planning to have a WikiMaster Event in the fall of 2018. We are forming a Community in Kampala to enforce the use of Wikipedia. 
Contact: Erina Mukuta

WikiMaster Cameroon

WM WikiMaster cameroon community 180803

Cameroon is planning to have a WikiMaster Event in the Easter of 2019 (Around April 21). We are forming a Community in Yaounde to enforce the use of Wikipedia in French with more questions created in the French language.
Contact: George Foudoup

WikiMaster Community Germany 

WM Germany community 180807b

Germany is the 2nd largest Community of Wikipedia. We have reached out for some time to get a vibrant community there. With some efforts done, we seem now to have a break to the barrier. Just like Magnus Manske was the first to write an article on the German Wikipedia, some first adoptor has to see the potential of greatness in WikiMAster MCQ. Once the Germans get going, we all know what happens. Give a task to the Worlds most organized people and efficiency will follow. We hope to present the WOK project at WikiCon and form a group in the fall of 2018. 
Contact: Silvia Steinecker

WikiMaster Sweden 

WM Sweden community 180806c

No one is a prophet in his hometown they say. Well, we have not been very active in Sweden albeit being based in Stockholm. So far. Swedish is having 6300 questions in WikiMaster. Most of them made by the same person who creates MCQs for the Swedish TV-show Who wants to be a millionaire. They are of course super great. But we are seeking for active Wikipedia lovers. We are visiting schools in Stockholm creating quiz-a-thons during week 47, 2018 (in Täby) in our effort to change this. With Wikimania 2019 coming up on August 14-18 2019: We hope to have a vital and vibrant Swedish WikiMaster Community as well. The PISA results are going down in Sweden and students need to learn facts. And having fun doing this. 
Contact: Erik Bolinder

Wikipedia India

WM WikiMaster India community 180812d

The top WikiMasters in the World are from India. The average WOKbits earned per woker is from India. India loves WikiMaster and downloads are huge. We are working to for a WikiMaster Community in India creating even more questions in English that are focused on the India related work and not UK/ USA based as most questions in quiz apps (and WikiMaster). We have done progress in History of India and Bollywood area during 2018 but we need a local Community/ Communities in this large Continent and we are working toward this. 
Contact: Rahul Deshmukh 


WM quizathon winner 180818
Olanfemi Daramola- Proud of his achievements creating 2600 questions in less than a month in a quiz-a-thon in Lagos! 

Welcome to download the app WikiMaster and play with anyone in the World in any knowledge you find interesting Wikipedia article. Or download WikiFlip to enjoy the images on Wikipedia with questions on the "back". 
Please contact us further if you like to be a part of the extension of Wikipedia. We know we have the highest ranked Wikipedia app in Google Store. This we know. We need to move to new territories and language to spread the WikiMaster app further. Our mission is that every article on Wikipedia shall have a quiz. And we will do this with Joy together. 


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