500000 downloads for WikiMaster a milestone in the WOK timeline

The Wikipedia app WikiMaster passed 500000 downloads in Play Store on Google for Android devices on March 2. This marks a milestone in the World of Knowledge history. 

The app WikiMaster has reached a level of 4.5 in the ratings which is higher than Wikipedia official app. Comparing the Wikipedia app with north of 10 million downloads and 4.4 in ratings make the market share somewhere between 1% to 5%. WikiMaster is still a very small app in comparison but our ambition of becoming the Knowledge Network is firm. It will take some time to pass Wikipedia app in downloads but as long as we are innovative enough to attract more wokers to play with Wikipedia as a platform, we have a bright future ahead. How to eat an elephant? Bit by bit. Next target is 1 million downloads. 

We are proud of our history and Milestones


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