Rules and Prizes for Nigeria WikiMaster Contest for 2018

The Contest for the WikiMaster in Nigeria is an ongoing effort to promote learning and facts across all States in Nigeria during 2018.
Here are the rules and prize money for all who download the app WikiMaster and play quiz games earning WOKbits. 

Category 1. Nigeria Wikimaster 2018 

Can you give a Short description of the WikiMaster 2018 Category 1 Event?
Nigeria WikiMaster Contest 2018 is a quiz game contest for WikiMaster app users (wokers) who are living in Nigeria. Play and get most WOKbits (points) as a registered WOKer in Nigeria during 2018 and win prizes and be honored with Awards.
The Quiz Game Nigeria WikiMaster Contest 2018 is initiated during the Event in Lagos on January 29-31, 2018 but anyone can sign up and join as long as it continues. 
What is the Target of this Competition?
The target for participants is simple: You strive for earning most WOKbits in Nigeria Feb 1, 2018 - 31 Dec 31, 2018
The Contest will continue until Dec 31, 2018 or it ends when the first participants will be
the Winner by reaching 1 million WOKbits. The latter can be anytime during the competition. It will be announced when the Competition is over by WOKcraft. 
Where do I sign up for this Competition? 
You sign up for this competition simply by download the app WIkiMaster in Google Play or AppStore and Sign Up in the App as a Normal user (woker) and then start to collect WOKbits from February 1st 2018 or later. 
Is there any Prize Money?
Prize money in WikiMaster Nigeria 2018 is a total of 1550 USD or 553350 NGN= Nigerian Naira! 
Winner: USD 500 / NGN 178000 - (Exchange 1000000 WOKbits, see explanation below )
2nd Place: USD 250 / NGN 89250 (Exchange 500000 WOKbits see explanation below  )
3rd Place: 100 USD / NGN 35700 (Exchange 200000 WOKbits, see explanation below )
4-10 Place: 50 USD / NGN 17850 (Exchange 100000 WOKbits, see explanation below )
11-50 Place 10 USD / NGN 3570 (Exchange 20000 WOKbits, see explanation below )

How to collect Prize Awards in case of winning? 
Wokers / Participants will exchange earned WOKbits earned during the competition with money if being a Winner (1-50 Place). It works like flying miles. 
You learn, you earn. You exchange the currency WOKbits for money after the contest if winning any of the Prizes. No lottery. 

(The normal rate for WOKbits exchange rate during 2018 in the WOK ecosystem is set to 20000 Wb/ 1 USD. For special occasions like this. )
The winners in this competition will trade the WOKbits (Wb) earned for real Dollars at a much lower special rate of 2000 Wb/ USD 
All winners will Trade the WOKbits earned for real US Dollars at rate 2000 Wb/ USD 
I USD is then converted to 357 NGN. 
Money is paid through WOKcraft and in USD or NGN to the specified account. 
How do I see the Score and place I am in during the WikiMaster Nigeria Event? 
You Go to Menu in Footer of app WikiMaster, click More and then Clic Scoreboard. You will see the WOKbits earned last period of 24h, 7 days, 30 Days or 12 months or All Time. See how Scoreboard look in this FAQ
How is WOKbits working and how does the exchange work?
Minimum requirement of WOKbits for recieve a Money Prize in place 2-50: 100000 Wb. 
If fewer WOKbits than required for exchange earned, the prize sum will be reduced or WOKer= participant can keep earning WOKbits until reach the amount of WOKbits in need for exchange the Prize Award Money.
So to earn the sum needed for exchange the Prize Money WOKbits can be filled up later.
All competitors and not just the Winner will exchange his/her WOKbits. 
Example 1. The 3rd Place has 180000 Wb earned when the Winner pass 1000000 WOkbits and competition and Places are closed.
The exchange rate of prize money 100 USD is 200000 Wb. Winner will have 20000 Wb left and will either exchange his 180000 Wb earned for 90 USD (32130 NGN) or earn 20000 Wb more to exchange the sum of 100 USD (35700 Wb).
Example 2. The 11th Place winner is awarded 10 USD but has when Contest is closed (by Winner have reached 1 million) has reached 300000 Wb. He exchanges 200000 Wb for 10 USD and can keep his 100000 WOKbits earned for other use later in WOK. (Like saving Flying Miles) 
How is money transferred if winning?
The Prize sum will be sent by bank account specified or by Paypal.
Contact mail for details about this will is 
Can anyone in other African countries participate or is it only for Nigeria?
- Only Nigerian Citizens can participate; Only Nigerian IP addresses to be entered during the contest and during play. Nigerian Citizenship required.
Anyone who downloads the app and plays during the period can participate. Last day for participation is currently not set. The Settings in Profile need to be unchanged during the period. 
Where do I earn WOKbits? 
You earn WOKbits in WikiMaster app. You can also earn them in WOk ecosystem in the apps WikiFlip and Quiz King. You can play by taking Quizzes, challenges, quiz battles and flips. Or create questions. (MCQ)   
Can I see how my friends are doing in the Competition? 
Yes: You can search any friend who is a member of WOK community (=woker) in Profile or in Scoreboard. 
Are there any guarantees of any kind? 
Signing up as a member of the WOK Community is governed by the Terms and Conditions. This Competition falls under this Terms. 
Does it cost anything to participate?
No. This event is free. App is FREE to download. App is free to sign in to. Just as Wikipedia is free knowledge, WikiMaster is free knowledge.  Competition aims to encourage to play quiz games with Wikipedia as a tool for learning facts and knowledge in a cool and fun way in our broader ambition for more people in Schools across Nigeria to understand the power of Wikipedia in schol and for trivia use together with the WOK ecosystem of multiple choice quetions and social media in the mix. World of Knowledge (WOK) and Wikipedia User Group Nigeria (WUGN) is behind this event. If successful, we plan to repeat to Crown the WikiMaster in the coming years to in Nigeria. And to bring this to more countries in the World of Knowledge lovers. For trivia reasons its good to know that this is the first WikiMaster Contest in the World. 
Will food and beverage be covered during the Event? 
Yes. There will be food for delegates provided at Goethe Institut. 
Search for "wokcraft" in Google Play or AppStore to find more WOK apps.
Any more details of importance to know?
Time in app is GMT and the date for start is 00.00 GMT on Feb 1. WOKbits earned prior to this is not counted for albeit anyone who want to practice before is of course welcome. 

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Category 2. Nigeria Content WikiMaster 2018 

Short description: This contest is specifically targeted for quality in Creation of Content and is not focused on WOKbits earned primarily for delegates participating in WikiMaster Event in Lagos on Jan 29-31. 
WOKbits earned in WOK apps including WikiMaster and WikiFlip between Jan 29 to Jan 31 for delegates participating in WikiMaster Event. 
Who can participate? 
All event delegates in Conference in Goethe Institut who have signed up and have a ticket for this Conference. See Schedule
Performance and WOKbits earned in WOK apps including WikiMaster and WikiFlip between Jan 29 to Jan 31 for delegates participating in WikiMaster Event. 
Depending on performance, developing, creativity and content management we will promote one or some delegates.  
Evaluation approach with for example shown effort, quality, creativity, teamwork, general knowledge, challenges and content in depth and amount of MCQ created. 
A jury from WOK and WUGN or Lottery depending on performance during Event will decide of awarding 
- An internship work for up to 3 months in WOK projects (and Wikipedia) . 
This is a project base scholarshio based from distance in Lagos or directly working in Cairo at WOK Developer team as a Content Manager Assistent for a period of 3 mnths during 2018. 
- A scholarship of 500 USD worth to go to Wikimania Conference in Capetown, South Africa in June 2018 
This award is a donatipn from WOKcraft to a Event delegate to suppurt a schlarship to cover cost to go to Wikipedia yearly Conference that are hosted in South Africa this year and meet the Wikimedians from all over the World creating the encyclopedia for all human mankind to be correct in facts and useful for all languages with the community of Wikipedia in focus. 

Awards for all delegates will include: 
- Special Diploma for WikiMaster Lagos Event Master 2018 
- LinkedIn CV mention
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Hashtag: #wikimasternigeria2018